for some reason I have been obsessing over this H bracelet from Hermes

buttt considering I just made a big purchase (my ipad) this may have to wait until vivienne westwood melrose calls me back for a job(FINGAZ CROSSED)

buttt then I think Tory are you really going to spend over 600$ on a bracelet?

hopefully I can come up with some reason to justify this potential purchase...

because when you think about it I can buy my rad hourani sandal boots that have been high on my list since last august and a slightly used givenchy wallet I've been eyeing over at wasteland

I'm also in a chunky bracelet phase......this burberry bracelet I have been eyeing is a little less than the Hermes

What a dilemma right?

I know I sound like a total nob laying out wether to buy the 400$ piece of jewelry or the 600$ one .......SOMETIMES I DONT KNOW WHO I AM OR WHAT I'VE BECOME....ITS SICKENING.