It's time for a new car...I told myself that I would never replace my volvo(volvina) even though being sidetracked by my hipsterfied old range rover that I had for 5 months and sold before moving to San Fran Last year...

Theres nothing wrong with it,I think we may keep it as an extra car,but I just want something a little newer....and here are the options

as you can see I have a fetish for wagons...SOMETIMES I WANT TO BE A MARIN COUNTY HOUSEWIFE

these are the options I Have gathered

what is also in the back of my mind is that I'M 80% sure that I moving either to London to attend LCF or New York in the fall if I can finish my apps for FIT and Parsons...so will I even need a car...I don't want it just to sit in the garage...but I've been wanting a newer car for months now so I'm kind of fixed on this idea

what do you think?

audi allroad

Land Rover Discovery preferably SE7 model in Giverny Green