While browsing my usual online stores I ran into a couple things over at acnestudios, that I may have to sell volvina (my beloved volvo) for. It's becoming a little psycho how much time I spend browsing shit that I'm not going to buy, 45% of the stuff is actually a plausible purchase....example

ANN D. feather necklace from Luisaviaroma BAHAHA

but these boots from ACNE, would be on my front doorstep within 24 hours if they carried a 45

I also saw tis wallet that looked freakishly similar to the CDG wallet I just put on hold at Barneys..... yes you can still put things on hold


Oh and this is a side-note but when the fuck did ACNE become BERGDORF in the pricing department, I mean they've always were somewhat pricey, but lately their getting WAY OUT OF HAND....I mean aren't they like the equivalent to AMERICAN ZARA or MANGO...hahaha, no but seriously someone needs to have a sit down with the marketing department over at ACNE.