Things I missed back in home in LA

-My sister getting ready in the morning for school,and seeing her piss colored new beetle pulling out the driveway

-My living room slash workstation,when I wanted a change of scenery

-My five year old golden retriever that we bought from the beverly center in 05, yes they sold animals. And its weird, because we went there to buy school clothes but ended up with a dog,but I love him and miss,along with the other two Milo and chubbs

-My pool that I have literally swam in 7 times, since its completion in 06.

-My room,that I'm pretty sure my sister has taken over by now.Hope she likes being awaken by the previous owner who i believe is dead ,JOKING! but every sunday my neighbors across the street who are from france will blast bbc radio from his garage, and not the shit we like to hear like radio 1 with pete, and for some reason only my room bears the brunt .