My Birthdays Next Month the 21st

What does this mean? compiling all the shit I DON"T need,into a list to give to my parents, and hope for the best. Yes I still make lists, also around christmas time.Oh...and I'll be 19, I KNOW IM SO OLD, WHERE IS MY YOUTH!!

-Karen Walker Number Ones in Tortoise , I've had my eyes on these long before Rumi

-2011 Volvo v60R spec-Most of you may not know this but I'm also a car creep,I can name any make,model,year,engine notes like the ones you hear from an Infiniti g35. Seriously it's crazy,and I don't even realize I do this. Cars will always be my first love,with fashion/music right behind. I've been advising my parents on what cars to buy for years,sort of like a consultant,HA.We've always had an eclectic taste when it came to cars,we've had everything from a saab 93 convertible,to a Land Rover Range Rover Sport,which was the first model produced in 05, which YOU SHOULD NEVER DO, NEVER BUY A CAR IN ITS FIRST YEAR ON THE MARKET,LET ALL THE GLITCHES SUBSIDE.I wasn't really a volvo guy, always a saab guy till I got volvina which is the model years before this one ,for my first car and the bond was sealed. Sorry I'm going off on a tangent,but this could be a realistic gift,or I may be shiting myself-FINGAZ CROSSED

-Oak Black and white stripe coat,I can sleep in this

-A.ok Acid Washed Backback

-Horace linen tassel top from oaknyc,this shit is BRILLIANT

-Rad Hourani Jacket,I recently saw an Interview with Rad and My mouth fell to the floor,I honestly though he was something different and not a carbon copy ghipster with his mannerisms and tone,but he can make a damn good boot,I give him that...I mean he is young,21 I think, maybe he'll figure it out.

-Gareth Pugh Diagonal perfume,I KNOW I KNOW ,shoot me now...but hear me out.I was at the Vivienne Westwood x LEE party last week at Shotwell,and I could not get this scent out of my nostrils for the whole night.I finally figured out that it was by pughy and caved in.

-I've been looking for a really good 90's style heeled boot,and this one from acne sort of kills that craving,these sandal/wedge hybrids are also sick,and would go nice with black loosened socks