Helicopters & Escorts

The First time I heard this song , I honestly thought it was shit then this diplo remix came out and I wet my pants. Doing some research ,the lyrics are pretty fucked up and depressing ,its supposedly about a gay prostitute from russia, but I'll give the backstory in a second...heres the song

here are the lyrics

Take my hand and pray with me

My final days in company. The devil now
has come for me, and helicopters
circling the scene.

And i pray for rest.
Could you pray for us?
We know he loves you the best.
We know he loves you the best.

The light's inside my cave.
I'm tired of my cave.

Oh these drugs they play on me these
terrible ways. They don't pay like they
used to pay. I used to make it day to day.

No one cares for me. I keep no
company. I have minimal needs. And
now they are through with me.

Now they are through with me.

Here's the story, correct if wrong got off article

It tells the story of a young Russian man named Dima who left his home at the age of 14. He moved to the city in hopes of becoming a fashion designer. He had no home and eventually moved into the home of an older man, who took him as his lover. Soon Dima left him and moved into the home of a wealthy older man who provided financial backing for a conglomerate of gay pornographic websites. Dima's documents were changed so that Dima's age was 18, although at this point he was maybe around 16.

He soon began starring in his lover's films as well as working as a nude model. Dima supplemented his income by working as an escort. Soon, a member of the Russian mafia had developed something of a fixation on Dima. One day, Dima left his lover and cut off communication with all his friends, and moved in with the Russian crime leader. Another escort, a friend of Dima, spotted Dima being "forcibly sodomized" by a group of 10-15 men (including the crime leader) in a private sex club. That was the last spotting of Dima.

The escort tried to investigate. He persuaded a prominent gay Russian journalist to write a story, but the journalist was threatened by the organized crime, and stopped.

One day, another crime leader, who was being tried on an unrelated murder charge, confessed that he had seen a young man matching Dima's description be pushed out of a helicopter over a remote forest in Northern Russia. Dima's ex-lover, before dying in 2007, confessed that he had sold Dima as a sex slave in 2005 and believed Dima to have committed suicide in 2006.

At some points , the story seems like a fucked up porno,but I've been doing some research and supposedly , its real.

Then I did More Research on deerhunter the band , and found out the lead singer suffer from Marfan Syndrome , then I read that he felt relatable to Dima (the prosti) because of his disease.Then the conclusion just blew up in my face

anyone else feeling iggy?