The past few weeks living in SF I've gone from Rodarte to American Apparel which is 'REAL' retail,I told myself I would never work here, but when your recruited why not?I have honestly never worked somewhere that you have to actually like the customers.I don't know if its only the LA AA's that are pretentious ,but the ones here in SF at least the one I'm working at you still get attitude but you still put a smile on, like a happy AA bitch.

during my time here, we get an incentive that if you sell blah blah blah and your name is mentioned at the register you get rewarded. I've never been the type to hack a customer down and make them buy something.
So it seems that I'm very forgettable or people here in SF have really scatty memories.Heres how I've been described:

Hey do you know Who helped you today?

'Yeah The really tall kid in the back'

'Yeah I think, the guy with the black sweater with the wings'

'Uh mm yeah i think he's the half-black or maybe black guy in the back'


OH and this is a total different tangent ,but I'm going to bitch about it too.

Not to sound like a diluted psycho ,but I've been following Daul Kim's career and blog (Iliketoforkmyself) for almost a year and a half. And it seems like she has become sort of an forgive me for using this term it-girl within the blogsphere for sometime now,and I think it has to do with her death,once your dead EVERYONE notices you. Which is kind of fucked right?Although I love to see her face everywhere ,I just want her to get the recognition she deserves and not '"this is Daul, she's my favorite new model,but she's dead now,she has killer style"...really? you didn't even know who she was until you saw her picture on some popular blog.

Thats another thing,why does EVERYONE use the same content? Its one thing to see it on one blog, it's seriously a domino effect .I could find the New editorial abbey lee did posted more than 5 times in different places, in less than a minute, just an example. Don't worry I haven't bought into that.

I just read this and realized that I sound like a complete LURK, BUT it has to be known